The king of animals embodies pride, strength, but also aggressiveness and risk. The lion is considered as a symbol of power par excellence and is found in many sayings: “in the lion’s cave” or “to fight like a lion”.

The roar of a lion is loud and imposing, no wonder that “roaring like a lion” has found its place in our vocabulary to describe someone who dominates and wants to intimidate others.

But, why dream of a lion?

This dream relates to male solar principle, strength and power, authority, fatherhood, rich personality, achievement, heart, as well as possibly self-esteem, poor judgment, self-centeredness.

The symbolism of the lion is linked to the sun and royalty. He’s an archetype of the father. The lion also symbolizes strength, channeled and controlled energy, maturity, male power, the heart and the realized man.

Interpretation of the lion dream

In most lion dreams, the lion is far from us. We see it pass or watch us. But this vision is never felt with terror, unlike that of the tiger. It is a fear imbued with respect: we sense within us this strength and this inner richness. But we still need to be careful and not want to rush anything, otherwise we will be faced with something uncontrollable.

In some big dreams, we can approach the lion, pet it, or even hug it. In this case, we found in ourselves enough confidence to approach this harmony and this force. We are able to really flourish, to act and to contribute to others.

Impressive by its power, the strength of the lion does not need demonstration! Everyone feels it and respects it. Nevertheless, we can also consider this energy as being of feminine, interior essence, and its manifestation of masculine nature, extroverted and perfectly channeled. It is a harmony and a balance between these two polarities that are mentioned here.

It is very rare that the lion is perceived negatively in dreams, provided that it is not shabby or overexcited. An aggressive and frightening lion can represent a man who abuses his power, who suddenly loses the sense of his values. If there are more than one, it may be a bad judgment relating to physical strength and male power, a bad interpretation relating to anti-male conditioning.

As a feline (cat), the lion sometimes brings a sexual connotation to the dream – the male lion is able to honor about twenty females during the day, but the lion being of a solar nature, it is rather the image of the father who is symbolized by him, the solar phallus.

Dreaming of a lion – Meaning and interpretation

The appearance of a lion in a dream promises success in business and in personal life. You will gain authority, achieve high status and material well-being.

Sometimes dreaming of a lion warns you of failure, the loss of a protector, or a humiliating situation. Nevertheless, the lion, seen in a dream, means that you will be able to overcome all difficulties on your way.

Having a lion’s dream without more details means that you are trying to control every situation around you. However, this dream is a symbol of loyalty, admiration and respect that others have for you.

Hearing a lion’s roar in a dream symbolizes unexpected success in business and personal life.

See a lion in his dream house

Dreaming of a lion in his house represents the principal in the family or the elder and his attitude towards the household.
If the lion is nice, seeing him in the house means that you have a very large life force, which allows you to do even the impossible.

Dreaming of an aggressive lion in his home indicates unrest and violence in the home.

Fleeing a lion in a dream

Dreaming of running away from a lion invites you to analyze many things in your life and make sure you have chosen the right path in your life.

Dreaming of running away from an aggressive and attacking lion promises the dreamer the fulfillment of their desires thanks to their positive emotions.

Dreaming of being a lion

Being a lion, in a dream, can be a sign that you are putting too much personal power and dominance in your personal and social life. You need to control others and be constantly in charge.

However, if you are going through difficult times and defining your personal problems, dreaming of being a lion means that you will overcome your emotional difficulties.

Dreaming of feeding hungry lions means taking care of yourself and developing your pride even more.

Dreaming of killing a lion indicates that it is time to make decisions that will be very important for your future. You may be under a lot of pressure because of this.

Detailed meanings of the lion dream

Dreaming of a lion eating is a good omen. This dream indicates that all of your problems will go away very soon, so you don’t have to worry.

Dreaming of a young lion predicts conflicts with your co-workers. You must use your strength, your intelligence and your power to control the situation.

Dreaming of a lion talking to you is a good omen. This dream indicates that you will start a new business soon and that you will profit from it. Your financial situation will finally improve.

Other interpretations of the lion dream

Dreaming of taming a lion suggests that you are able to control your aggression and your strength.

If you dreamed of a black lion, it indicates that there are a lot of negative people around you. There are people who have bad intentions and who want to harm you.

A white lion, in a dream, is a symbol of significant and unexpected success, as well as the help of a powerful patron.

Dreaming of an injured lion means you can lose a competitor in an important matter. If you shoot the predator with a rifle and the animal falls, you will seriously strike a rival or detractor and you can defend yourself from attack.