International initiatives to reduce plastic pollution through recycling

greenpeace and pollution
Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing threats to the planet. The oceans are saturated with plastic waste, marine wildlife is suffering. The consequences on human health and the environment are increasingly alarming. Plastic recycling appears to be an essential solution to reduce this pollution. Discover the international initiatives put in place to combat plastic pollution.

Current international initiatives

Current international initiatives against plastic pollution are numerous and varied, ranging from reducing plastic production to collecting and recycling waste.

The United Nations launched Clean Seas, encouraging governments, businesses and civil society to take concrete steps to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans and raise public awareness.

The Global Plastic Action Partnership platform, meanwhile, brings together governments, businesses and civil society to promote the collection by dumpster rental, recycling and reduction of plastic production.

At the European level, the single-use plastics directive prohibits these products, in order to reduce plastic waste. In France, the energy transition law sets targets for the collection and recycling of plastic waste and requires companies to contribute financially to the recycling of their waste.

The Basel Convention

The Basel Convention, adopted in 1989 and in force since 1992, aims to reduce the international circulation of hazardous waste, protecting human health and the environment. It establishes strict rules for the transport, management, treatment and disposal of this waste. In addition, it encourages the reduction of their production and the promotion of recycling.

Signatory States must notify cross-border movements of hazardous waste. They ensure their ecologically rational management. The Basel Convention is supplemented by protocols which strengthen its effectiveness in waste management and in the promotion of more environmentally friendly practices.

The United Nations environment program

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), created in 1972, coordinates UN actions in environmental matters. Its objective is to promote rational global management of the environment and to guarantee international cooperation for the protection of the planet.

UNEP has been at the forefront of the fight against plastic pollution by launching the Global Marine Litter Initiative (GMIS) in 2018, bringing together governments, businesses, NGOs and citizens to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans. He launched the “Clean Seas” awareness campaign to encourage the public to reduce their plastic consumption.

In partnership with other organizations, UNEP promotes plastic recycling, highlighting the economic and environmental benefits in its 2021 Recycling for a Cleaner Planet report.

European Union initiatives

The EU Plastics Strategy, adopted in 2018, aims to make all plastic packaging reusable or recyclable by 2030. This encourages the reduction of plastic production and the use of alternative materials. This strategy provides for an extended producer responsibility system to encourage companies to contribute to the collection and treatment of the plastic waste they produce.

In 2019, the EU adopted the Single-Use Plastics Directive, banning certain single-use plastic products such as cutlery, straws and cotton buds. This directive aims to reduce plastic waste and promote recycling, in particular by setting a target of collecting 90% of plastic bottles by 2029.

International NGO initiatives

International NGOs are implementing initiatives focused on reducing the amount of plastic in the environment through recycling. Here are some examples :


Greenpeace launched the Break the Plastic campaign aimed at reducing the production of single-use plastic and promoting sustainable alternatives. They also released a report highlighting the companies most responsible for producing plastic waste.

Plastic Pollution Coalition

This NGO works with businesses, governments and communities to reduce plastic pollution. Their “Refuse Single Use” campaign encourages consumers to avoid single-use plastic products.

Break Free From Plastic

This international coalition, made up of more than 1,400 organizations, fights against the production of single-use plastic and encourages the adoption of sustainable alternatives. She also leads campaigns to reduce plastic waste in the oceans.

In short, reducing plastic pollution through recycling is a major challenge. Current international initiatives are an important step towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. Reducing plastic pollution must be everyone’s business.

What Is The Best Size For A Dumpster Rental

Overview Of Dumpster Sizes

First note that dumpster rental prices may vary. If you’re looking for a place to dump your trash be sure to choose a waste management company with good pricing and customer service. Fortunately, there are services out there that provide a quick, convenient, and guaranteed solution to your trash disposal.

What many people do not know is that a dumpster can be used for much more than trash. They are very handy when a home renovation or building project is taking place. In fact, if you are planning on any home improvement at your house, there is a very good chance that your contractor will require a dumpster.

Dumpster Sizes For Starting A Business

If you are starting a business, you will need to consider the size of the dumpster you are going to use.

Calculating what dumpster size you will need is not hard. All you need to do is measure the height and length of the dumpster in feet. Then divide both numbers by two to get the width of the container. Now multiply the width by the length to get the volume of the dumpster.

Multiply the volume by 0.4, and you’ll have the most common dumpster size. If you’re starting a business, you will most likely be putting some stuff in a dumpster. This guide will help you figure out what dumpster size you need for your business.

Dumpster Sizes For Food And Drink Businesses

No matter if you’re in the food and drink business or not, it’s vital to know what size dumpster you need. The two main sizes you’ll need to know are the High Cube Roll Off and the Low Cube Roll Off Dumpsters.

The difference between the two is in height. The Low Cube is 8 feet tall, so it’s better for business with lower ceilings. The High Cube is 10 feet tall, so it’s better for businesses with taller ceilings.

The Low Cube has a larger capacity and better for businesses that produce less waste. The High Cube has a smaller capacity and better for businesses that produce a lot of waste. The Low Cube is about half the height of the High Cube. Both typically have doors on the front and the back, but the Low Cube only has the doors on the front.

Dumpster Sizes For Office Cleaning Businesses

Choosing a dumpster size requires some research.

When getting a dumpster for your business, ask about the costs of different dumpster sizes. Dumpster rental companies also have different sizes available for different prices. There are several different factors that affect the size of the dumpster you will hire.

Some factors are the size of the project, duration of the project and the price of the dumpster. There are a couple of things you should know about dumpster rentals. Dumpster rentals are great for remodeling jobs, yard waste removal, cleanouts and other small projects.

Dumpster Sizes For Garden Maintenance Businesses

A standard garden maintenance business dumpster is 20 yards in diameter and 8 feet deep. That’s a lot of trash! But here’s some key facts:

You’re more likely to get charged for overfilling your dumpster. So, try to keep it at 8 feet deep (unless otherwise noted by the dumpster company).

Some of these dumpsters are in fact 21 yards in diameter, keep this in mind when trying to measure your dumpster.When you need to order your dumpster, call the company early so you can take advantage of the main pick-up day.

They might not be able to accommodate a garden maintenance business dumpster for the next day if it’s too late. A standard size dumpster for a garden maintenance business can also be called a roll off container.

Why You Need A Dumpster

If you’re in any kind of construction industry, then you’ll need a dumpster!

When people are renovating or building new houses they often find that they need extra space to be able to throw away extra materials from construction. You can simply rent a dumpster from a business that specializes in dumpsters, but it is more cost effective if you were to buy one.

A dumpster will be able to store all of the extra construction debris that you’ll accumulate, and it will keep it out of the way of your business!

How Much Do Dumpsters Cost

The cost of a dumpster varies with the rental company.

Dumpster rates may vary according to the size of the dumpster, how long it is rented, the rental location and whether there is any debris. The cost of the dumpster may be more than the price of removing the debris. Often, haulers receive the debris at no charge, and the consumer pays for trash removal. Dumpster rental companies in the area may have special deals for removal of building debris.

Who Needs A Dumpster

Dumpsters can be an expensive cost, especially for smaller businesses that don’t have a lot of money to spend on these. However, there are alternatives to traditional dumpsters that can save you money and reduce pollution if you’re in this position.

For example, you could get a container to use in your business, such as boxes or any other kind of storage container. This will have the same effect as a regular dumpster, and it will be a lot cheaper. If you can’t afford a dumpster, look into other options.

Dreaming of a lion

The king of animals embodies pride, strength, but also aggressiveness and risk. The lion is considered as a symbol of power par excellence and is found in many sayings: “in the lion’s cave” or “to fight like a lion”.

The roar of a lion is loud and imposing, no wonder that “roaring like a lion” has found its place in our vocabulary to describe someone who dominates and wants to intimidate others.

But, why dream of a lion?

This dream relates to male solar principle, strength and power, authority, fatherhood, rich personality, achievement, heart, as well as possibly self-esteem, poor judgment, self-centeredness.

The symbolism of the lion is linked to the sun and royalty. He’s an archetype of the father. The lion also symbolizes strength, channeled and controlled energy, maturity, male power, the heart and the realized man.

Interpretation of the lion dream

In most lion dreams, the lion is far from us. We see it pass or watch us. But this vision is never felt with terror, unlike that of the tiger. It is a fear imbued with respect: we sense within us this strength and this inner richness. But we still need to be careful and not want to rush anything, otherwise we will be faced with something uncontrollable.

In some big dreams, we can approach the lion, pet it, or even hug it. In this case, we found in ourselves enough confidence to approach this harmony and this force. We are able to really flourish, to act and to contribute to others.

Impressive by its power, the strength of the lion does not need demonstration! Everyone feels it and respects it. Nevertheless, we can also consider this energy as being of feminine, interior essence, and its manifestation of masculine nature, extroverted and perfectly channeled. It is a harmony and a balance between these two polarities that are mentioned here.

It is very rare that the lion is perceived negatively in dreams, provided that it is not shabby or overexcited. An aggressive and frightening lion can represent a man who abuses his power, who suddenly loses the sense of his values. If there are more than one, it may be a bad judgment relating to physical strength and male power, a bad interpretation relating to anti-male conditioning.

As a feline (cat), the lion sometimes brings a sexual connotation to the dream – the male lion is able to honor about twenty females during the day, but the lion being of a solar nature, it is rather the image of the father who is symbolized by him, the solar phallus.

Dreaming of a lion – Meaning and interpretation

The appearance of a lion in a dream promises success in business and in personal life. You will gain authority, achieve high status and material well-being.

Sometimes dreaming of a lion warns you of failure, the loss of a protector, or a humiliating situation. Nevertheless, the lion, seen in a dream, means that you will be able to overcome all difficulties on your way.

Having a lion’s dream without more details means that you are trying to control every situation around you. However, this dream is a symbol of loyalty, admiration and respect that others have for you.

Hearing a lion’s roar in a dream symbolizes unexpected success in business and personal life.

See a lion in his dream house

Dreaming of a lion in his house represents the principal in the family or the elder and his attitude towards the household.
If the lion is nice, seeing him in the house means that you have a very large life force, which allows you to do even the impossible.

Dreaming of an aggressive lion in his home indicates unrest and violence in the home.

Fleeing a lion in a dream

Dreaming of running away from a lion invites you to analyze many things in your life and make sure you have chosen the right path in your life.

Dreaming of running away from an aggressive and attacking lion promises the dreamer the fulfillment of their desires thanks to their positive emotions.

Dreaming of being a lion

Being a lion, in a dream, can be a sign that you are putting too much personal power and dominance in your personal and social life. You need to control others and be constantly in charge.

However, if you are going through difficult times and defining your personal problems, dreaming of being a lion means that you will overcome your emotional difficulties.

Dreaming of feeding hungry lions means taking care of yourself and developing your pride even more.

Dreaming of killing a lion indicates that it is time to make decisions that will be very important for your future. You may be under a lot of pressure because of this.

Detailed meanings of the lion dream

Dreaming of a lion eating is a good omen. This dream indicates that all of your problems will go away very soon, so you don’t have to worry.

Dreaming of a young lion predicts conflicts with your co-workers. You must use your strength, your intelligence and your power to control the situation.

Dreaming of a lion talking to you is a good omen. This dream indicates that you will start a new business soon and that you will profit from it. Your financial situation will finally improve.

Other interpretations of the lion dream

Dreaming of taming a lion suggests that you are able to control your aggression and your strength.

If you dreamed of a black lion, it indicates that there are a lot of negative people around you. There are people who have bad intentions and who want to harm you.

A white lion, in a dream, is a symbol of significant and unexpected success, as well as the help of a powerful patron.

Dreaming of an injured lion means you can lose a competitor in an important matter. If you shoot the predator with a rifle and the animal falls, you will seriously strike a rival or detractor and you can defend yourself from attack.

Preventing Pollution in the USA

In the United States, the last decade has been marked by an important legislative effort tending to control and regulate the increasing pollution of waters. The unparalleled economic development of this huge country was accompanied dangerous degradation of the environment in general and of water in particular. The market economy, free enterprise, traditionally in outside state limitations, are probably partly responsible for the extent of water pollution.

By the Clean Water Act of 1972, Congress demonstrated its will to fight against pollution more effectively. Uniformity of standards rejection of a cost-benefit analysis, the centralization of measures and the increased powers of the federal authority reflect an important strategic change.

For the first time, real constraints are imposed on private industry and municipalities. It is now clear that one cannot achieve significant results only through government intervention and a unitary conception of the environment was necessary. Government action can be oriented differently depending on the choice of instruments likely to combat pollution. The American legislator, confident in current and future technological capabilities, chose to use above all these capacities to eliminate or reduce pollution.

We can regret that they did not show more imagination in considering other methods of struggle, at least as far as industrial pollution is concerned. Once the control instruments have been chosen, the effectiveness of the system depends on economic and financial factors. On this point, the funds released by Congress seem important, but they proved to be insufficient at the county and city levels where purification works require residential dumpster rental, recycling centers and public awareness.

As for the industry, it has the tendency to excuse economic considerations to resist implementation application of the standards and measures that we want to impose on it. The permeability of the EPA, great organizer of the whole struggle system, to such considerations seems neither important nor non-existent.

The Clean Water Act is a big step towards improving water but its handling is difficult. Different levels of decisions overlap, federal, state, local , different measures must be combined as the pieces of a puzzle, rejection standards, quality standards, performance standards, and finally the precise objectives of the law, elimination of landfills after transitional use of discharge permits were too ambitious.

We can nevertheless stress with satisfaction that specific deadlines for the total elimination of discards are included in the legislation. The main idea seems to be not to consider a certain level of pollution as inevitable in an industrial society, but on the contrary of starting from the premise that technological progress allows the progressive elimination of pollution.

In summary the USA has adopted legislative instruments essential for water protection. Despite the imperfections they conceal, texts like the Clean Water Act contain binding measures likely to reduce the degradation of aquatic environments and thus manifest a turning point in anti-pollution legislation. The satisfaction will not be total. It will be all the less since a real change of perspective marked the recent years.

The road traveled is irreversible, but the new US administration seems unwilling to continue efforts that the implementation of anti-pollution measures requires. Already the states and municipalities are very concerned about the announced credit restrictions. It has become both internally and internationally more essential no longer to act for the preservation of waters in particular, of the environment in general, but to do nothing that can slow economic growth.

In the USA and in Europe the environment has not yet become a fundamental value of society. American industrial firms welcome new directions in politics. During his election campaign, future President Reagan declared that it was necessary to preserve the environment without hampering a system of free enterprise that made the poor agricultural country of the past the greatest nation on earth. This economic rationality constitutes a powerful brake on the effort for by applying values ​​such as environmental protection.

How To Become A Dentist In The UK

nice teethDentistry is a fantastic profession that anybody can get into. With the right education and requirements, anyone can qualify for this occupation. A dentist is not just someone who takes care of their patients’ oral health. They are hygienists encompassing clinical duties. A dentist should also possess administrative and managerial abilities.

Becoming a dentist demands many things. Among these are diagnostic, clinical and social skills. Because this profession is a lifetime of learning and development, it is an opportunity to pursue many different careers that will serve the society and the community. To be successful in this profession, one must possess interest, great people skills and the dedication to learn and apply new techniques continuously.

For you to become a dentist in the UK, you have to complete at least five years of study at a dental program from a university and obtain an approved dentistry degree. Afterwards, you will have to undergo at least two years of supervised practice which would serve as your training ground.

To enter a dentistry course, you should have high grades at A-level in Mathematics, Biology Physics and Chemistry. If this is a profession that you are sure of, it is essential that you start planning about which University to enter as early as the BCSE stage. That way, you can prepare your education and experience around this profession. Universities always prefer students who have taken scientific subjects, so make sure to prepare for your A levels.

There are many dental schools in the UK which are all regulated by the General Dental Council (GDC). Upon admission, be ready to spend at least five years in this course. For students who have a 2:1 grade or above in a degree with a significant element of Biology or Chemistry, an accelerated four-year course will be available to them. Students who have not taken science-based classes at A-levels can also attend a 30-week pre-dental course to help them enter an undergraduate program.

At your final year, you are expected to complete a research project and cover the minimum numbers of treatments to be able to graduate. Bear in mind that dental courses dedicate the first two years to studying anatomy and physiology. Year 2 to 5 will cover the actual dental training and practice. Be warned that you will be working with cadavers as well.

After finishing your education, it is now expected of you to keep abreast of all recent developments in this field. That includes reading academic journals and staying informed in dental council updates. You may also specialize in a sub-field of your choice.

Besides the typical dentistry profession, You may also train in a sub-field of your choice. These complementary dental careers are as follows:

Dental Therapist

A dental therapist is a member of a dental team who provides restorative and preventative dental care. These services are usually offered to children and teens. The role of a dental therapist varies and is often dependent on the kind of education he or she has obtained. It is essential that dental therapist stay updated on recent dental regulations and guidelines in the UK.

Oral Hygienist

An Oral hygienist is a licensed dental professional who works independently or alongside dentists. These professionals went through intensive training in prevention and treatment of the different oral diseases. They spend most of their time checking the soft tissues of the oral cavity to detect early manifestations of oral cancer.

Dental Technician

Also known as a dental technologist, this person is a member of a dental team and is primarily in charge of constructing custom-made restorative and dental apparatuses. They take drawings and oral measurement of the patient to create a replica of the patient’s oral anatomy (known as dental casts).

While it is a dream for many dentists to own their private practice, some practitioners will become lecturers or professors in universities. Others will be employed in community clinics or hospitals – positions which are equally rewarding. To achieve your goals, make sure to cover all the necessary educational requirement as these will be your stepping stone to success.

Healthy Vital Oils For Improved Scalp and Hair

Get a Healthy Scalp For Improved Hair

Among the most vital sections of a suitable hair care regimen would be to get appropriate care for the scalp. This is due to the fact that the scalp is that part of the body which provides all of the nourishment for your hair.

The scalp plays an extremely important part in the proper growth and health of the hair. If anyway your scalp does not get it is necessary nourishment or gets ruined with no chance, then it’s your hair that’s going to be the best victim.

And maybe you understand very well how unpleasant it’s too devote the bad hair days. Therefore your scalp has to be taken good care of so which it is possible to stay away from scalp damage. And for this purpose we provide you in this informative article some hints concerning a better scalp care regimen.

For superior scalp care treatment you need to be aware of the properties of the scalp. To judge whether your scalp is oilier or can it be dry one is extremely important. As for several kinds of scalp you will find various caring treatments.

No matter your scalp kind could be, within this report we will talk about some of the fundamental scalp care advice. For a superior preserved scalp it’s clear that you have to keep an extremely balanced diet supplying all of the vital nutrients that your scalp and hair needs a lot of. Each of the crucial proteins, vitamins as well as the minerals must be contained in proportionate amount on your diet if you’d like a healthy scalp.

It’s also wise to bear in mind that the nourishment you supply to your scalp although your diet could be channeled to your hair. Therefore it’s demonstrated that the hair gets its nourishment from the scalp.

Now let’s come to the stage. If your scalp is overly oily or if it’s too dry, both are not good for the health of your scalp. Too much oil from the scalp causes it to be tacky and the dust and the dirt particles gets stick to it too as forming layers that they stop the appropriate scalp circulation.

Therefore routine washing is essential if you have an oily scalp. Shampooing on each other day might help a whole lot in this issue. However, if your scalp is dry then you ought to be careful about the washing machine. If that’s the situation you should avoid regular shampoo. Shampooing a couple of times per week would be sufficient for this sort of scalp. This is only because shampoo washes away the vital oils of the hair and the scalp together with the additional oil also leaves your scalp tenderer.

If you have a dry scalp prevent the over drying of the scalp as far as you can. Blow drying because case ought to be strictly forbidden. You also need to attempt to clean your hair in warm water as warm water promotes dry scalp. Apart from washing it’s also wise to exfoliate your scalp with the support of a gentle wash so that the dead cells of the scalp might not form layers onto your hair. Along with this appropriate moisturizing is also critical for your scalp will make it easier to identify lice vs dandruff. Always use a good moisturizer and also the one that is appropriate for you for moisturizing your scalp. While washing your hair you must also massage your scalp in a circular movement. It promotes proper blood circulation to the scalp, sooths the nerves, relaxes muscles and keeps your scalp flexible.


Inflammation Is Not Always Your Best Friend

As you may know, inflammation is a positive and healthy response of your immune system. It is the very first line of defense to counter a bacterial, fungal, viral or parasitic infection. It is also triggered by certain irritants like pollen, dust or allergens, as well as some physical triggers like accidentally scraping your elbows or getting a splinter in your finger.

Inflammation is well and good when an individual is healthy. But for those who have thyroid issues, it can be very problematic. The worst part of it is that most of these individuals affected by such thyroid issues are unaware that their own bodies are under attack. The only definite marker of thyroid issues is getting yourself checked.

Your doctor can request laboratory tests to see if you have a high grade marker for inflammation. A few of these lab tests include C-Reactive Protein test (CRP) or a ferritin lab test.

Why Should I Be Concerned About It?

Chronic inflammation usually starts with one area, later on affects more localized areas.and then pro-inflammatory enzymes can disseminate all over the body through your blood circulation. As a result, you damage the HPA axis of your brain – leading to the disruption of the signals sent to your adrenal gland (the part of the brain that produces cortisol).

When cortisol is not well regulated, it leads to other health concerns such as coronary disease, bone loss, depletion of iron, high blood pressure, chronic allergies, joint pain, and other autoimmune diseases.

What Can I Do To Take Action?

There are three major actions you can do to help restore your health. First, you need to treat your hypothyroidism right away. An optimal thyroid treatment will put back your body’s inflammatory response back to normal. Ask your doctor what kind of medications you can take to reverse this problem.

Second, discover and treat adrenal issues. It is easy to guess health issues when you feel like you are exuding with symptoms, but getting tested is the most accurate way of knowing what exactly is going on. Your physician will most likely ask you to get a 24-hour adrenal saliva test. He will then recommend treatments according to the findings of this test.

Third, identify what is causing the inflammation in the first place. The root cause of inflammation can come from a variety of sources. It can be from chronic stress, bacterial infection, hidden allergies, fatty liver disease, parasitic infection, celiac disease, low cortisol, positive heavy metal toxicity, or even cancer. Indeed poor lifestyle choices and even excessive consumption of oxalate foods can lead to chronic inflammation.

Fourth, check your gastrointestinal tract. A huge part of your immune system is the GI tract. The presence of good bacteria is essential for maintaining a good and healthy body. To prevent the bad bacteria in your gut from taking over, include fermented foods in your diet. Taking probiotics can also help restore the healthy flora of your gut.

What Else Could I Do?

Increase your intake of inflammation-fighting foods. Consume more omega-3 and less of omega-6. Though you need both to achieve optimal health, omega-6 can easily be found in many food sources while omega-3 sources are more limited.

Eat more fish sources as they contain the most omega-3 fatty acids. You can get them from salmon, mackerel, sardines and cod. You can also benefit from extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Try to avoid safflower, corn, soy, peanut and sunflower as they contain mostly omega-6.

Be mindful of what you eat. The healthier your food choices are, the quicker you heal your thyroid and other health issues. It is known that eating spices such as ginger and turmeric can help reduce the activity of the enzymes causing inflammation. Based on testimonials and product reviews, side effects of taking turmeric supplement are quite rare. A majority of the people who used this product stand by its efficiency in addressing the problems caused by chronic inflammation..

As you now know, chronic inflammation may be triggered by an imbalanced nutrition. You can ask your doctor about other supplements you can take to fill in the nutritional gaps your body requires. Some health-conscious users have opted for bioflavonoids, glucosamine chondroitin, selenium, herbal teas, bromelain, fish oil capsules, and aloe vera. And don’t forget to hit the gym and do some dead lifts.

Another natural method of aiding your body’s needs is getting rid of some of its excess body fat. It is known that fat cells trigger inflammation and this can easily fire up when you are overweight. Getting into a healthier and a more active lifestyle should help fix the problem. You can sign up for a gym membership, or be as active as you can possibly be to reach this goal.

Lastly, get tested for Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) or Anemia of Chronic Disease (ACD) before taking any vitamins with iron.Taking iron supplements for ACD can be harmful. Talk to your doctor about it to get a serum ferritin test.

Diabetes and natural sugars

Many nutritionists advise people to eat vegetables and fruits and avoid soda. You should sweeten your foods conservatively with natural alternatives like maple syrup or organic honey.

These options are less processed than refined sugar. They contain many beneficial substances like antioxidants. A number of new studies, however, have left many people speculating if these “better-for-you sweet foods” are really all right to consume, especially for weight loss.

Researchers from the University of Southern California reviewed the responses of 24 volunteers who consumed flavored beverages sweetened with fructose (1st day) and glucose (2nd day). It was revealed in the brain scans that there was greater activity in the area of the brain of people after consuming fructose. All of the respondents were asked if they would eat the food instantly, or skip it for a monetary bonus. More respondents choose the instant food reward when they were drinking fructose.

According to the researchers, the results imply that, compared to glucose, fructose has lesser of an appetite-suppressing effect, and may be more likely to cause eating,

What is the difference between fructose and glucose? When a person consumes glucose, his pancreas secretes insulin. Insulin allows the cells to use it for energy and it tells the brain that a person received fuel, which controls the appetite. Fructose does not stimulate the secretion of insulin; the brain may not be getting a message “Stop Eating!”

Maple syrup, honey, fresh fruit, molasses, and even some vegetables such as sugar snap peas, all contain fructose. But this does not mean that you have to get rid of the lot.

Why can’t we stop having sugar when it’s disgusting and killing us?

Many groups are trying their best to educate the world on how limiting sugar intake can help a lot to make people healthier. Many studies for many years indicated that sugar is a serial accomplice of so many illnesses in this modern civilization. Diabetes and obesity are the apparent problems caused by over-consumption of the sweet things.

The obesity epidemic has been a health problem for so many years; unfortunately, Type 2 diabetes is its best friend. This type of diabetes has increased threefold in the past thirty years. It corresponds with the explosion of sugary foods. On the other hand, there are so many other conditions and illnesses that have lesser-known relationship to sugar. The list is pretty long: depression, high blood pressure, acne, hypoglycemia, fatigue, hyperactivity, tooth decay, headache, aching extremities, and violent behavior.

It seems that the world pays a huge price for having a sweet tooth. Not only people consume plenty of sugar and make themselves ill, but it does not have any nutritional value at all. Many sweet products do not contain fiber, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. But those molasses and honey lovers may obtain some benefits because these sweeteners have trace amounts of some nutrients.

Sure thing, sugar really tastes great. It is in the DNA of humans to crave for sugar. According to an evolutionary biologist Daniel Lieberman of Harvard University, sugar is a very deep ancient craving. Ancient people looked for sweet vegetable and fruits because they contained good amount natural sugars that give energy. Cavemen were never tempted to eat Toblerone or Cadbury chocolate bars.

How much humans crave for sugar?

On an average, Americans consume 765 grams of sugar (every 5 days). In 1822, they consumed an average of 45 grams every 5 days. That is equivalent to a can of soda. Today, Americans consume 17 times that amount or equal to 17 soda cans.

Annually, Americans consume about 6 kilograms of sugar. In 1882, our predecessors ate less than 5 kilograms of sugar yearly. 6 kilograms of sugar each year is roughly one and a half kilo a week. That is equivalent to approximately 1,610 kilograms in an average lifetime.

The recommended daily sugar intake is less than 10 teaspoons according to the American Heart Association. Unfortunately, an average American adult gobbles down about 22 teaspoons daily, while an average child consumes about 32 teaspoons.

Here are the unknown facts about natural sugar that you have to know today:

1. You can enjoy healthy sugar with fruits.

Fresh fruits help you enjoy a healthy sweet treat without upsetting your appetite or gaining weight. While fruits are natural sources of fructose, the sweetener is also bundled with water, fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. Fructose is not concentrated in fresh fruits. For example, a cup of blueberries naturally contains more or less 7 grams of fructose, along with 3.5 grams of fiber and other key nutrients.

On the other hand, a 12-once soda can, which was sweetened with corn syrup contains approximately 22.5 grams of fructose, with no nutrients or fiber. Also, the fluid and fiber, you get from eating fresh fruits positively impact satiety and fullness.

2. The amount and form of fructose matter.

Stick with fresh fruit if you are very particular with appetite and fructose. Also, remember that if you eat dried fruits, the portion shrinks by approximately three quarters, so you must consume a serving no bigger than the size of a golf ball.

This also applies to fruit juice. Many people love to have fresh-squeezed grapefruit or orange juice at breakfast, but it is suggested by health experts to take a shot, and not a tall glass. Also, make sure you get as much pulp as possible.

3. You should not drink your sugar.

A study conducted at the University of South Carolina has shown that sugar in the form of a thin liquid is not as filling as the solid one. You cannot balance it by consuming less food when you drink lemonade, sweet tea or a soda. This simply means that the added calorie just adds to the overall intake, and if a person does not burn them off, you will either stop weight loss or add more fat cells.

It is highly recommended to pick solid sweet treats if possible made with ingredients that are packed with nutritional value. You can look for new healthy recipes online to make sure you will feed yourself with a healthy, sweet treat.

4. Thicker drinks can suppress hunger.

There are studies that have shown that thickness prompts people to think a food is more filling. Researchers from the University of Sussex asked some volunteers to rate how filling they think some think and creamy drinks. The volunteers identified how much solid food they believe would need to eat to feel the same level of fullness. It was concluded that thickness and not creaminess, impacted the belief that a drink would suppress hunger better.

It was indicated in two more studies that thicker drinks were found to curb actual hunger more than thinner kinds of beverages with the levels of calories. This is the main reason chia seeds are amazing. They can soak up water to produce a thick, gel-like texture, which adds a satisfying element to sweetened smoothies, parfaits, and puddings.

5. You should limit sweets in general.

It is very difficult for someone to totally eliminate sugar only to feel intense cravings, and in the long run, break down, and indulge eating sweets. You have to know that even the strictest diet or suggestions on sugar, from institutions like AHA, does not suggest to completely eliminate sugar in your life.

AHA said that the target for extra sugar every day should not exceed 9 teaspoons for men and 6 teaspoons for women. This means adding a teaspoon of maple syrup or honey to yogurt with little dark chocolates daily, or eating dessert occasionally is well within the limits. These are also far less than the 22 teaspoons consumed by an average American every single day.

Sugar is addictive just like cocaine. It would be very beneficial to you if you start being conscious of your sugar consumption. You have a strong fighting chance if you are always aware what you are chugging. Check the labels and choose the reduced sugar products. Today, you have to realize that your body is not adapted to so much sugar.

Why Multiple Sclerosis Patients Shouldn’t Fear Potent Chemotherapy

Recently some doctors have announced that they have discovered a successful way to contain multiple sclerosis. However, the treatment is so risky that it cannot be extensively used.

In Canada, they have treated 24 multiple sclerosis (MS) with potent chemotherapy, essentially destroying their immune systems before a stem cell transplant.

The combination of treatment stopped the degeneration and the development of new brain lesions in 23 patients. This happened without needing chronic medication.

Eight out of the 23 patients had sustained development in their disability almost 8 years after treatment. Unfortunately, one of the 24 participants died from sepsis and liver failure. These were caused by the chemotherapy.

This is the very first treatment to deliver this level of neurological recovery or disease control from multiple sclerosis. Sadly, treatment-related risks restrict its extensive application.

There are 2.3 million people worldwide who are affected by multiple sclerosis. MS is a potentially disabling condition of the spinal cord and the brain. When a person has MS, his immune system mistakenly attacks the defensive sheath or myelin that covers the nerve fibers and causes communication issues between his brain and the rest of his body.

In the long run, this condition can lead to the deterioration and permanent damage of the nerves.
The symptoms vary from blurred vision to severe fatigue to partial or total paralysis. Early in the MS, people usually experience brief episodes of worsening symptoms along with active inflammation in the brain or relapses, whereas later, disease progression is unavoidable.

The signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis differ widely and rely on the amount of nerve damage and the affected nerves. Some patients with severe multiple sclerosis may lose the capacity to walk by themselves or at all, while others may experience lengthy periods of remission without new symptoms.

Until today, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis or MS. But, there are treatments that can help speed recovery from the attacks. These alter the course of the disease and control symptoms.

People with multiple sclerosis may suffer with vision, balance and movement problems. Sadly, this is a lifetime and lasting condition. In some cases, symptoms of multiple sclerosis come and go in phases. These phases are called relapses. In other cases, they gradually worsen over time.

In many specialized clinics, a lighter form of treatment is used. It is called aHSCT or autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation or, on a small number of patients. This involves haematopoietic stem cell transplants, which are immature cells present in the bone marrow. These cells become blood and immune cells.

MS patients have their immune systems suppressed by chemotherapy after the stem cells are collected from the bone marrow. This must happen before the stem cells are infused into the patient’s bloodstream.

For a recent research, the team incorporated even stronger chemotherapy to completely destruct, instead of suppressing the immune system.

The 24 patients aged 18 to 50 were enrolled in the phase II clinical trial. The clinical trial is specially designed to gauge whether the treatment is effective. All of them had an “aggressive” form of MS, where their disabilities ranging from “moderate” to being incapable of walking approximately a hundred steps unaided.
Fortunately, in the 23 patients who survived the treatment, there were no relapses for the entire period that they were being studied – between 4 and 13 years.

Their MRI scan results revealed no new disease activity. The initial MRI scans of 24 multiple sclerosis patients showed 93 brain lesions, and after the treatment only one out of 327 scans demonstrated a new lesion.

After three years, 6 patients were able to ease or discontinue their disability insurance, and go back to school or work.

There are other treatments to manage the symptoms. These treatments are usually focused on speeding the recovery period from attacks, managing multiple sclerosis and slowing its progression. Some patients have mild symptoms that no amount of treatment is needed.

Corticosteroids and plasmapheresis are the most popular treatment for multiple sclerosis attacks. Corticosteroids like intravenous methylprednisolone and oral prednisone are prescribed to ease nerve inflammation. Side effects of these treatments may include mood swings, insomnia, fluid retention and increased blood pressure.

In plasmapheresis or plasma exchange, the liquid portion of the body (plasma) is removed from the blood cells. The blood cells are then combined with a protein solution, called albumin, and put back into the body. Plasmapheresis is a great option if the symptoms are new, critical and have not responded to steroids.

In addition, there are MS treatments to modify progression. There are no therapies that have shown benefit for slowing the progression of this condition. Numerous diseases-modifying therapies are available for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

The treatment options for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis include beta interferons (injected under the skin or into the muscle), glatiramer acetate or Copaxone (injected under the skin that helps block immune system’s attack on myelin), dimethyl fumarate or tecfidera (oral medication that reduces relapses).

In addition, some people can take fingolimo or gilenya (oral medication that lowers the relapse rate). Some patients opt for natalizumab or tysabril (blocks the movement of the potentially destructive immune cells from the bloodstream to the central nervous system) or alemtuzamab (lemtrada) that helps decrease relapses of multiple sclerosis by targeting the protein on the immune cells’ surface. Mitoxantrone is another MS drug, but this can be dangerous to the heart and is related to blood cancer development.

Some patients opt to undergo physical or occupational therapy that involves stretching and strengthening exercises. Many of those who experience painful muscle spasms, especially in the legs use muscle relaxants like tizanidine (zanaflex) and baclofen (lioresal).

Many multiple sclerosis patients use a variety of alternative or complementary treatments. These deal with muscle pain, fatigue and other symptoms. Meditation, massaging, exercise, yoga, acupuncture and relaxation techniques may help improve overall physical and mental well-being, but there are some studies to support their significance in managing MS symptoms.

The American Academy of Neurology released guidelines regarding the use of an oral cannabis extract for muscle pain and spasticity. This does not suggest the use of herbal supplements like Gingko biloba.


Practically everyone has eaten yeast in some form. This is one of the families of bacterias that makes up probiotics. The growing use of this organism is getting attention from people worldwide. Very common in food sold over the counter, it can also be obtained in pill and liquid supplements.

What are Probiotics?

People are very interested in the use of probiotics. These organisms are available in the body’s digestive system and are used in food supplements to strengthen your health. Retailers are listing them in foods of all sorts, using them as a selling point, occasionally used for the relief of diarrhea. In the search for things that cleanse the body and speed healing, probiotics rank high on the list of possible health aids.

Probiotics introduce friendly bacteria into your body. They are living organisms placed inside the digestive system through the intestinal tract. These are very close to organisms already in the body’s internal organs. This bacterium offers a way to add more good microbial.

Why use them?

Probiotics help the body fight disease and aid the digestive system. When the body has problems with digestion probiotics help adjust the system and they are popular in preventing sore throat as well. The digestive tract hold hundreds of bacteria and they are not all good for the body. Many are parasites that cause viruses and other disease and if not destroyed or eliminated from the body serious illness may occur.

In some cultures, items considered scum to enter the human body are used to treat disease when there are no conventional medicines to perform the task. Other cultures have used bacteria to fight disease for centuries. Even vaccines are created by using a virus initially. However, this does not make the use 100% safe.

Through the course of the day, a person may skip eating, get distressed over something or opt for fast food or a vending machine item rather than eating a balanced diet. This behavior attributes to the problem of too many bad bacteria in the colon system. Probiotics offer a way to bring more good organisms into your system, helping the body to stay healthy. People are always rushing and some find almost no time to slow down and bring the body into a good balance. Probiotics are one way to help the body to repair itself.

Do probiotics work?

Probiotic takes care of your intestines; a number of health problems can affect the body when the intestinal tract is imbalanced. This bacterium helps restore the intestinal lining, fighting bad bacteria. Getting these active organisms into the intestinal system helps keep the body detoxed. Microbes in the intestines are important to the health of the body and can be a deciding factor upon how healthy a person becomes.

Most nutrients flow from the intestines. Therefore, if it is not working properly there is no way the body can operate at its best. Constipation causes people to feel sluggish, and not up to normal capacity. Once intestinal problems are remedied, a person may start a healing process.

Are they popular?

These immune strengthening organisms are becoming very popular. They are found in natural elements, and easily taken into by the body. Found to help and work in preventing a wide range of illnesses, probiotics are very popular indeed nowadays. Nevertheless, probiotics must be managed with caution. They are on average safe to use, but if a person has a weak health, they can have a serious reaction or a person could even die from it (although this is very rare). Probiotics occur naturally in many foods like cheeses and yogurts and are relatively safe.

As with most dietary supplements, too much is not a good thing. However, used in moderation they can help many digestive problems. Flooding the body with probiotics is not the idea but in moderate use by people with strong health, they can help them stay healthy.