nice teethDentistry is a fantastic profession that anybody can get into. With the right education and requirements, anyone can qualify for this occupation. A dentist is not just someone who takes care of their patients’ oral health. They are hygienists encompassing clinical duties. A dentist should also possess administrative and managerial abilities.

Becoming a dentist demands many things. Among these are diagnostic, clinical and social skills. Because this profession is a lifetime of learning and development, it is an opportunity to pursue many different careers that will serve the society and the community. To be successful in this profession, one must possess interest, great people skills and the dedication to learn and apply new techniques continuously.

For you to become a dentist in the UK, you have to complete at least five years of study at a dental program from a university and obtain an approved dentistry degree. Afterwards, you will have to undergo at least two years of supervised practice which would serve as your training ground.

To enter a dentistry course, you should have high grades at A-level in Mathematics, Biology Physics and Chemistry. If this is a profession that you are sure of, it is essential that you start planning about which University to enter as early as the BCSE stage. That way, you can prepare your education and experience around this profession. Universities always prefer students who have taken scientific subjects, so make sure to prepare for your A levels.

There are many dental schools in the UK which are all regulated by the General Dental Council (GDC). Upon admission, be ready to spend at least five years in this course. For students who have a 2:1 grade or above in a degree with a significant element of Biology or Chemistry, an accelerated four-year course will be available to them. Students who have not taken science-based classes at A-levels can also attend a 30-week pre-dental course to help them enter an undergraduate program.

At your final year, you are expected to complete a research project and cover the minimum numbers of treatments to be able to graduate. Bear in mind that dental courses dedicate the first two years to studying anatomy and physiology. Year 2 to 5 will cover the actual dental training and practice. Be warned that you will be working with cadavers as well.

After finishing your education, it is now expected of you to keep abreast of all recent developments in this field. That includes reading academic journals and staying informed in dental council updates. You may also specialize in a sub-field of your choice.

Besides the typical dentistry profession, You may also train in a sub-field of your choice. These complementary dental careers are as follows:

Dental Therapist

A dental therapist is a member of a dental team who provides restorative and preventative dental care. These services are usually offered to children and teens. The role of a dental therapist varies and is often dependent on the kind of education he or she has obtained. It is essential that dental therapist stay updated on recent dental regulations and guidelines in the UK.

Oral Hygienist

An Oral hygienist is a licensed dental professional who works independently or alongside dentists. These professionals went through intensive training in prevention and treatment of the different oral diseases. They spend most of their time checking the soft tissues of the oral cavity to detect early manifestations of oral cancer.

Dental Technician

Also known as a dental technologist, this person is a member of a dental team and is primarily in charge of constructing custom-made restorative and dental apparatuses. They take drawings and oral measurement of the patient to create a replica of the patient’s oral anatomy (known as dental casts).

While it is a dream for many dentists to own their private practice, some practitioners will become lecturers or professors in universities. Others will be employed in community clinics or hospitals – positions which are equally rewarding. To achieve your goals, make sure to cover all the necessary educational requirement as these will be your stepping stone to success.